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Community Foundation For A Better Bigfork Project List

The CFBB is a nonprofit, volunteer organization started in the early 1970’s by several dedicated Bigfork residents.  The Foundation’s projects range from small to large. 

Downtown SidewalkBike Rack near the bridgePicnic Bench on nature trail

NEW DOWNTOWN SIDEWALK:  A new sidewalk was completed on the east side of Bridge Street and several new parking spaces added.  The sidewalk was paid for through CFBB’s own fundraising efforts and generous donations from the Bigfork Community Foundation Trust and Round-Up For Safety.  The sidewalk is a beautiful and welcome addition to the village.   Their next sidewalk project is to fund and install a new side walk up the south side of Grand Ave. from the School up to Highway 35.

BIG GREEN: KEEPING BIGFORK CLEAN:  In March of this year, CFBB kicked off its “Big Green: Keeping Bigfork Clean” campaign, with a goal making Bigfork one of the “greenest” communities in Montana.  Efforts include establishing a recycling center in town and the possibility of installing solar powered trash cans for visitors, and trash receptacles that will allow the separation of paper, glass and plastic.

SWAN RIVER NATURE TRAIL:    In April, several new picnic tables were purchased and placed along the trail, three new “dog pollutions” stations were added and they worked with PacifiCorp to add a new bear proof trash can at the east entrance to the trail. 

DOWNTOWN  PARKING:  To help with the summer parking crunch, several bike racks were installed downtown to encourage people to bike into town as an alternative to driving.  In addition, the new sidewalk added 9 new parking spaces for downtown.  CFBB is also working with the Chamber of Commerce, Village Connection and other interested groups to find solutions to downtown parking needs.
COMMUNITY SUPPORT:  The Community Service Grants Program was continued with the Bigfork School District.  The Program is intended to encourage students to become active in the community by undertaking service projects serving Bigfork.  For example, one grant last year was awarded to the School’s Bigfork Interact Club for their assistance to the Bigfork Elves in light bulb twisting for our holiday decorations.  CFBB also provided financial support to several groups including the Nordic Center and the School District’s Needy Kids Fund.   

The Board made a commitment to the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts to donate $1000.00 per year for five years towards the Theatre Expansion Program.

In addition, CFBB
- continued to pay insurance for the “Bigfork Elves”
- repainted downtown parking spaces;
- helped replace the Bigfork Stairs Sign
- snow plowed downtown sidewalks
- paid for downtown street sweeping during the summer months
- purchased new batteries for the downtown Defibrillators
- donated $2,000.00 to the Bigfork Steering Committee
- installed a “dog pollution” station in Sliter’s Park

BIGFORK VILLAGE HISTORIC WALK:  Funded the Bigfork Village Historic Walk, Paces to the Past project, a central display filled with historical photos and information brochures that guides tourists and residents through downtown Bigfork.   It helps visitors to gain an appreciation of Bigfork’s history and culture.  The map also shows where downtown parking is available and the location of bathrooms. Located next to ShowThyme!

BIGFORK MUSEUM OF ART AND HISTORY/PUBLIC LIBRARY BUILDING:  Several improvements were made to the building, such as installing central air conditioning for the library, painting the inside entry way and bathrooms and improving the building’s landscaping. 


Community Foundation For A Better Bigfork
P.O. Box 486
Bigfork, MT 59911
(406) 837-5888

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